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Alice in Wonderland Throw Pillow October 16, 2013

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I created this pillow pattern for an Alice in Wonderland themed swap on Ravelry.  For this pattern I used Bernat Solid yarn and Red Heart Botique yarn.  I really didn’t knit up a swatch first, so I’m not sure what the gauge ended up being, but it did fit a 14×14 inch pillow.

Download chart here:  PDF chart

Front of pillow

Front of pillow

Back of pillow

Back of pillow


Size 7 circular knitting needs

10 Ply yarn – I used Bernat Solids and Red Heart Botique yarns

Knitting needle to sew ends


(Use a Provisional CO) CO 180 with background color and join in a magic loop.  Follow the pattern.  For the back of the pillow, I just alternated the colors by k1 in MC and k1 in CC.

After you finish the pattern, BO using the Kitchner stitch.  You can sew the bottom of the pillow however you see fit, but I put the stitches back on my needles and BO with another kitchner stitch.


2 Responses to “Alice in Wonderland Throw Pillow”

  1. alwaysaliceAlice Says:

    Did you work the back of your pillow in an illusion pattern? I love the look of the shadows working on it.

    • samantha283 Says:

      No illusion knitting on this one. It was the colorway of the Red Heart Botique Treasure yarn that worked up that way. I think the colorway was called “Petunia”.

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